The Major Exploration Process:
Select a Major and Make a Plan

Select an Option

Okay, it's time! Take a deep breath…..and make a choice! Remember you have many ways to combine and pursue your academic interests, such as minors, combined majors, double majors, electives, student-faculty designed majors--even graduate school and extracurricular activities!

We encourage students to declare their major as soon as they have made a decision. This gives you access to major restricted courses, helps you get connected with an advisor in the department and you may be added to email lists to receive information on internship and scholarship opportunities, and other major related information.
Note to high credit students:

105 Credit Major Declaration Policy: Students must declare a major upon the completion of 105 credits otherwise a hold will be placed on their registration for the next quarter. Warning letters will be sent out if students have between 75 and 104.5 credits. Students should meet with advisors in their intended major's department or visit the Academic Advising Center to meet with a Professional Advisor about declaring a major and their registration status.

Make a Plan

  1. Meet with an advisor to identify the proper way to prepare for your chosen major(s).

  2. Work on completing the necessary requirements for declaring your major. You can find those requirements on the Programs of Study or department website.

  3. Declare your major with the department(s).

  4. Get involved in your major:
    • Develop relationships with faculty and advisors in your department(s).
    • Identify educational and/or research opportunities within your major.
    • Seek out leadership and internship opportunities related to your major or career interests.

As you take more classes in the major/minor you have chosen, gather additional information so you can re-revaluate your decision. Changing your major is always an option – but it is better to do this in a timely manner.

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