Information for Transfer Students

Does Western offer a professional program in physical therapy, occupational therapy or any of the other allied health or medical professions?

Western Washington University does not offer any allied health or medical programs. We do have many students at WWU who are planning on applying to an allied health professional program after they graduate. These students are completing specific requirements at Western that will meet the prerequisites for entry into a professional program such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic, naturopathy, medical school or nursing. Students complete their undergraduate degree to fulfill the requirements for entry into graduate professional programs in the allied health or medical fields.

What major should I pursue if I am planning on applying to an allied health professional program?

Students can enter many of the allied health or medical professions from most any major. Some majors are more practical since they contain many or all of the prerequisites within the major. To gain entry in an allied health program, the basic requirements are the undergraduate degree, completion of a specific set of prerequisites for entry into the program and volunteer experience working with professionals in the field. Examples of majors that cover some or all of the prerequisites include: Bio-Anthropology, Biology, Community Health, Kinesiology/Pre-Physical Therapy, and Kinesiology/Pre-Healthcare Professions .

Declaring a Major

It is to your advantage to declare a major as soon as possible. This will allow you to seek specific advising in the department and to plan out your academic schedule plan. You will also gain access to classes that are restricted to majors only.

How to declare a Major

Contact the department to declare a major. Most majors have a set of prerequisites that you must complete prior to official entry into the program. Once you have declared a major, take advantage of the major advising system in your respective department and seek advising on a regular basis from your assigned major advisor. It is also suggested that you complete a plan of study that will guide you through the major.

What can I do at the community college prior to coming to Western?

You cannot complete a degee at Western that contains all of the prerequisites for entry into an allied health or medical profession in a four year time period unless you have completed some of the prerequisites in your community college education. It is suggested that you complete as many courses in your community college education as you can. For a list of those courses, please refer to the courses listed in the career appropriate advising guide.

You definitely will not be able to complete all of these courses within your Associates degree and you will complete the remainder here at Western. However, if you can complete 20-25 of these credits at the community college, you will proceed through your major here at Western in a timely manner.

How do I know what classes at my community college meet the requirements at Western?

Transfer course equivalencies can be found online at


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