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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

John Feodorov teaching acrylic painting


The structure for learning at Fairhaven College consists of close working relationships between teachers and students. In any given quarter students may select courses offered in Fairhaven College or across the university and/or design independent study projects in consultation with a faculty sponsor.  An interdisciplinary core curriculum of coursework forms the student's liberal arts foundation which is enhanced by a choice of electives. 


Fairhaven students may choose to complete Fairhaven's Interdisciplinary Concentration, Law, Diversity & Justice Concentration or Upside-Down Program as their major, they may pursue a major in another WWU department.

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Fairhaven's Signature Programs

World Issues Forum

Thought provoking educational opportunities that support an informed and engaged global citizenry. more


Center for Law, Diversity & Justice

CLDJ supports the work of students, faculty and community members on issues of Law, Diversity & Justice. more



American Cultural Studies

Study identities and societies through issues of race/ ethnicity, social and cultural theory, social economic class, gender and sexual orientation. more



The Outback Farm

A five acre student-run site at the south end of Fairhaven College which teaches, develops and implements sustainable growing and land use methods. more



Adventure Learning Grant

A $15,000 stipend awarded annually to each of 2 or 3 students to travel abroad, enriching their education with intellectual risk, challenge, and adventure. more








Fairhaven: Sarah Ishmael

Adventure Learning

"My major focused on economics, public policy, and energy. I was keen to see how a state seizure of assets would affect one of the world's poorest countries..." [ > ]

2008 Adventure Learning Grant Recipient, Devin Malone