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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Summer 2011 Course Schedule

June 21- August 19, 2011

Registration begins May 10-13th, 2011. All courses are 6 weeks unless otherwise noted.

Courses are listed below by level and course number. Click on the course name to see the full description. For course times and locations, there are links to Classfinder at the bottom of each description, where you can look up "Fairhaven" to find our summer courses.


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PDF: WWU 2010-11 Catalog

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PDF: Fairhaven Waitlist Policy



Course Level:

100-200 | 300 | 400


100-200 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
  200 Directed Independent Study    
30564 201a Critical and Reflective Inquiry Tag Core Requirement
30668 275k Final Cut Pro Miller  
  280 Practicum Staff  

300 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
  300 Independent Study Project 1-12 credits    
30565 310w Native American Celebrations Rowe Society & the Individual Req.
30669 319b Current Issues: Criminal Justice Helling Society & the Individual Req.
30583 332n Current Environmental Topics: Photography Bower  
30566 334p Field Studies: Natural History and Ecology of Olympic National Park Bower Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
31173 336b Topics in Social Issues: Sustainable Bellingham Burnett Society & the Individual Req.
30670 336v Topics in Art: Art on a Budget Feodorov  
30567 354v Scriptwriting Workshop I Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
30819 375e International Law Akinrinade Society & the Individual Req.LDJ Core Requirement
30671 384j Writing Nature Tag Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
31174 386e Topics in Humanities: Performance - As You Like It Burnett Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
31175 386e Topics in Humanities: Plays as Perspective Robinson Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
30568 387k Grant Writing Workshop Coulet du Gard  

400 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
  400 Directed Independent Study    
30569 454y Scriptwriting Workshop II Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
  480 Internship    


These icons designate courses that meet Fairhaven's Core Curriculum Requirements:

Core Requirement Fairhaven Core Curriculum

Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req. Humanities & Expressive Arts II

Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req. Science & Our Place on the Planet II

Society & the Individual Req. Society & the Individual II

LDJ Core Requirement Law, Diversity & Justice

These icons designate courses highlighting a theme:
film & video courses Film & VIdeo

Previous Courses:


To see course lists from previous quarters, please visit Classfinder. In the "Subject" box, highlight "Fairhaven."