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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Fairhaven Course Schedule, Winter 2011

Couses are listed below by level and course number. Click on the course name to see the full description. For course times and locations, there are links to Classfinder at the bottom of each description.


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Course Level:

100-200 | 300 | 400




100-200 Level Courses
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
11986 101A Intro Interdisciplinary Study McClure Core Requirement
13153 201A Critical & Reflective Inquiry Tag Core Requirement
13154 202A Core: Humanities and Expressive Arts Feodorov Core Requirement
13155 203A Social Relationshps/Responsibililities Estrada Core Requirement
13156 203A Social Relationshps/Responsibililities Jack Core Requirement
13157 203A Social Relationshps/Responsibililities Takagi Core Requirement
13158 206A Core: Science and Our Place on Planet Tuxill Core Requirement
13362 212C Introduction to Political Economy van der Veen  
13235 211B The American Legal System Helling LDJ Core Requirement
13159 215F The Asian American Experience Takagi  
13160 221J College Writing Cornish  
13161 223G Elements of Style Tag  
11987 231N Intro Applied Human Ecology: Sustainable Systems Bornzin  
13162 232P User-Friendly Statistics Bornzin  
13163 255Y Folk Music Experience Eaton/Bower  
13189 263B American Indian Experience Rowe  
13164 270B Intro to Digital Video Production Miller  
13165 270H Audio Recording I Fish  
TBD 297E "On Our Toes!" Improvisational Theater and Viewpoints Robinson  


300-Level Courses
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
11992 303A Core : Interdisciplinary Concentration Seminar S'eiltin/Bower  
11993 305A Writing & Transition Conference McClure Core Requirement
13166 313E Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered Issues in Education Eaton Society & the Individual Req.
12412 323G Imaginative Writing II: American Women's Poetry Cornish Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
13167 323G Imaginative Writing II: Stories Tag Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
13168 324H Poetry and Lyric Eaton Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
12545 334B Human Rights Accountability Akinrinade Society & the Individual Req.
13169 334E State Collapse/Reconstruction Akinrinade Society & the Individual Req.
13170 334N Topics Evolutionary Biology: Human Evolution Bower Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
13171 336B Topics Social Issues: Science Fiction Film Takagi Society & the Individual Req.
13450 336B Topics Social Issues: Education & the Production of Social Order Ferrare Society & the Individual Req.
13234 336N Topics in Science: Tesla Burnett Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
13424 336N Topics in Science: Water Ryan Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
13354 336V Topics in Art: Sound Applications of Music Brewer Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
13243 341R Psychology of Mindfulness and Well-being Jack Society & the Individual Req.
12416 352Y Visual Art Workshop S'eiltin  
13174 353V Art in the Public Sphere Feodorov  
13175 354V Scriptwriting Workshop I Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
13190 366E Comparative Cultural Studies Estrada Society & the Individual Req.
13177 369D American War Stories Rowe Society & the Individual Req.
13178 370H Audio Recording II Fish  
13179 370P Intro to Pro Tools Fish  
13180 370Q Pro Tools HD Recording Fish  
13375 370T World Issues Study Group Rofkar  
13192 374B Cultural Creation of Identity Montoya-Lewis Society & the Individual Req.
13181 375D Video Production Team Miller  
11999 378F Court Watch Helling LDJ Core Requirement
13182 381G Topics in Literature: Playwrights Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
13382 387K Grantwriting Coulet du Gard  
13183 397G Ecology/Culture Mesoamerica Tuxill Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
13366 397H Nonprofit Social Entrepreneur Coulet du Gard  
13448 336N Topics in Science: Nutrition Keller Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.


400-Level Courses
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
12426 403A Advanced Seminar Conton  
13349 412E Advanced Topics in Law: Criminal Procedure Taratoot Society & the Individual Req.LDJ Core Requirement
13186 419F Cross-Cultural Shamanism Conton  
13347 422K Advanced Legal Writing Helling LDJ Core Requirement
13188 451X Resistance Art of the Indigena S'eiltin Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
13176 454Y Scriptwriting Workshop II Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.



These icons designate courses that meet Fairhaven's Core Curriculum Requirements:

Core Requirement Fairhaven Core Curriculum

Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req. Humanities & Expressive Arts II

Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req. Science & Our Place on the Planet II

Society & the Individual Req. Society & the Individual II

LDJ Core Requirement Law, Diversity & Justice