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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Spring 2012 Courses: 400 Level

| 403A Advanced Seminar


22262 - Tuxill

22261 - S'eiltin

22259 - Anderson

22966 - Larner


Materials fee: $14.49


Prerequisites: Required by all Fairhaven students. Senior status.


ANNE TREAT, Spring 2007 grad, said: "There is no possible way I can give justice to the complexity of experiences, triumphs, pitfalls and challenges of my academic career in the course of this paper. This artifact of self-reflection is simply a pause in the broader conversation of my academic journey, an invitation for me to mindfully articulate the ways those things I've studied, read, discussed and experienced over the past four years have informed and challenged my personal development, and how I've chosen to integrate and express that knowledge through the actions of my life"


This seminar is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what you have been up to all these years of being educated- -through writing, conversation, presentations, and listening to each other. You will read and discuss a book and other readings, co-facilitating at least one discussion; write and share a variety of short writing assignments, designed to help you complete your Summary and Evaluation, and provide a supportive community in which to summarize and critically reflect upon your Fairhaven (or Life) education.


Each student will also present or teach something to the class from the heart of his or her educational experience. This course is one of our favorites to teach at Fairhaven because we learn so much about our students, and the many intriguing, complex, deep, creative and quirky ways there are to be human and to become educated. The class also illustrates the value of writing as a process of discovery, synthesis and meaning. We will all do our best to help you express most clearly what your education has been about, and are honored to learn from your stories, your minds, your creativity, and your lives. The course will be as significant as you make it. Be honest. It is your life, your education, so let us understand what it has meant and what it really means to you now.


Texts: Varies by section


Credit/Evaluation: Active, informed participation in class discussion and excellent class attendance; supportive collaboration with your classmates in the writing process; timely completion of assignments; a final presentation of significant aspects of your educational experience; and a final draft of your Summary and Evaluation, approved and signed by your concentration chair (or by your advisor for majors or upside-down students.).


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23061 | 452W Thematic Life Drawing

S'eiltin (4 credits)


Materials Fee: $22.96

Prerequisite: Intermediate drawing course required (i.e. Art 203, Art 301, Art 304); art history and Fair 352 w highly recommended.


This advanced drawing class provides the serious artist with the opportunity to refine drawing skills, incorporate new techniques, and challenge "old" and very safe drawing methodologies. Advanced students will be encouraged to develop a personal style based on a specific theme/s. Discussions of historical and contemporary artists and their work will serve as inspiration for the development of a personal drawing style. Experimentation with printmaking techniques will be included in scheduled demonstrations. Students will be required to experiment with a wide range of techniques and combined media.


Text: No text required


Credit/Evaluation: Successful development of visual theme is required.


Drawings will be critiqued and evaluated on the following factors: Mastery of techniques, aesthetic consideration of work, understanding of selected subject matter, timely completion of projects and full participation in class critiques and workshops.


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