Facilities Facts

Facilities Management (FM) tracks size statistics for WWU owned and long term leased properties. In July at the close of each fiscal year, the operations division reports to the state Office of Financial Management (OFM) the current building area utilized by Western for Academic (State Funded) and Auxiliary (Self-Sustaining) purposes. For the 2010 academic year just completed, those overall statistics are as follows:

All WWU Total Building Count: 131
  • Main Campus Building Count:
  • 103
  • Off-Campus Building Count (Owned and Leased):
  • 28
    All WWU Total Building Gross Sq. Footage (GSF): 3,461,000
  • On-Campus Owned Building Gross Sq. Footage (GSF):
  • 3,291,000
  • Off-Campus Owned Building Gross Sq. Footage (GSF):
  • 86,000
  • Off-Campus Leased Building Gross Sq. Footage (GSF):
  • 84,000
    All WWU Total Property (Acre): 2641.6
  • On-Campus Property (Acre):
  • 212.3
  • Off-Campus Property (Acre):
  • 2429.3
  • Number of Satellite Campuses and Research Sites Owned by WWU
  • 9

    Definition of Terms:

    • "Building" is any structure with a roof that is intended for human use and access.
    • "Gross Square Footage (GSF)" is the total enclosed area (combining all floors) of a building measured to the exterior surface of the outside walls. If a "building" is just a canopy, with no outside walls, then the GSF is calculated to an imaginary surface projected down from the outer limits of the roof or drip-line.
    • "Owned or Leased" - Western Washington University is listed on the Title or Lease. Properties owned or leased by organizations affiliated with Western, such as the Western Foundation, are not included in the facility totals above.
    • "Main Campus" is the academic campus located on Sehome Hill in Bellingham. "On-Campus" is the generally contiguous properties adjacent to Main Campus including the WWU portion of the Arboretum, Armory, Birnam Wood, and the Physical Plant. See attached maps for clarity.

    Detailed Reports:
    Detailed reports are available for download in Adobe Acrobat .pdf or Microsoft EXCEL format. Listings are broken down by Academic (State Funded) Facilities and Auxiliary (Self-Sustaining) Facilities. In addition, buildings and properties are broken down by Satellite Campus or Research Site termed "Areas" in the report. The reports are organized from general to specific as follows:

    Title No of Pages Contents
    Annual Facilities Facts Summary 3 Summary table of overall statistics for Academic and Auxiliary Facilities both On and Off Campus. Maps are attached which outline the "On-Campus" area vs. "Off-Campus".
    Academic (State Funded) Facilities Square Footage Report 3 Detailed breakdown of Academic Facilities by individual building for both On-Campus and Off-Campus sites.
    Auxiliary (Self-Sustaining) Facilities Square Footage Report 2 Detailed breakdown of Auxiliary Facilities by individual building for both On-Campus and Off-Campus sites.
    WWU FY2010 FIS Spreadsheet




    Table that lists Owned Facilities, Leased Facilities, Street Addresses, GPS Coordinates, Historical Data and Space Use Information. Submitted to Washington State OFM per RCW requirements at the end of each fiscal year. Beginning sort is by site and then alphabetical order by two letter code. A memo is included that reconciles area totals based OFM vs. WWU's definition of a building. Plot is formatted for oversize paper, zoom in as needed.

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    To request statistics in other formats or if you have other questions not answered by the reports, contact .

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