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Fall Quarter Registration is NOW OPEN!

Fall Quarter Class Dates: Wednesday 9/27 - Friday 12/15

*What's new for Fall Quarter?

  • New Space: We are excited to announce we will have classes in the Rec Center, Carver, Old Main, & Outside!
  • New Offerings:
    • Coached Swim Class on Fridays with new instructor Richelle in the Rec Center Pool!
    • Spin Class on Mondays with new instructor Caitlin in Rec Center Studio 222!
    • Triathlon Package which is a MWF package that allows you to Bike, Run & Swim! A friendly Indoor Triathlon competition will be held after finals week for those registered for the package.
    • Meditation, Tai Chi, Thursday Pilates Fusion, Wednesday Zumba, Bodyworks, and Self-Defense Fitness Class are all back for Fall Quarter!
  • See our Programs Page for all available offerings & packages: Click on a class you are interested in, and read the details carefully!
  • Here is a quick summary of which classes are where:

  • There is a new Stay at Work/Return to Work web page that is dedicated to providing resources for those employees needing help to stay at work, or make the transition back to work when injury or illness disrupts their lives. The FSWP is proud to be partnering with this program.
  • Check out the new Western Wise & Well U page: https://wp.wwu.edu/wiseandwellu/
  • The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program is proud to be the WINNER of the Zo8 Award from Washington Wellness.
  • The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program is proud to be the WINNER of Seattle Business Magazine's Leaders in Health Care Award for Achievement in Wellness Programs:

L to R: Rich Van Den Hul, Kaylee Lovelady, Chyerl Wolfe-Lee & Heather Flaherty at the Awards Event in Seattle.


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Program Mission & Vision:

Our mission is to create a supportive environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle encompassing all dimensions of wellness. We are committed to educating, facilitating, and supporting decisions and actions of wellness by Western employees.

We specialize in making it a priority to get employees moving during their lunch breaks!  We have an extensive lunchtime program dedicated to having “something for everyone” to get you away from your desk!

Are you just starting to exercise, but need help on what to do next? Sign up for our free Confidential Wellness Consultation!

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