Western is nationally recognized for providing excellent education at an affordable cost, with Forbes and Kiplinger magazines ranking Western as a top value in education.

Western offers both merit- and need-based assistance to help make your education possible. Our Financial Aid Department is dedicated to helping you and your family create a practical plan to pay for your college education.

More than 60% of students at WWU receive some sort of financial aid. Using grants, scholarships, student employment, and/or loans, Western will help you pay for tuition, books, and educational supplies, housing and food, transportation, and personal expenses.

Estimated CostsWashington ResidentsNon-Residents
(10-18 credits per quarter)
Housing & Meals
(varies depending on living arrangements and meal plan)
Books & Supplies*$906$906
Personal & Miscellaneous*$2,259$2,259

*Not fixed costs; varies depending on student. Housing & Meals can be reduced with room type, residential area and meal plan. Tuition costs will be different if a student is less than full-time or in a self-supporting program. The Financial Aid Department has information on grants, scholarships, student employment, loans or some combination of these student aid programs.