Banner Receipt Printing Setup Checklist

Note: There are two Banner receipt printing programs, TGRRCPT and TGRMISC. Both programs must be defined as separate distinct sleep/wake processes even though they both print to the same receipt printer. Select a name for receipt printer, i.e., pqcashier_01. A real life example is va655_12, which refers to a bldg (VA) & room number (655) but in retrospect that's probably not a good naming convention because of the possibility of office relocation. The name pqcashier_01 will be used in this document.

IT Desktop Support: Install & Configure Remote Printer Mgr (RPM), Connect Ithaca 90 receipt printer (or compatible) to the parallel port of the PC, Install RPM software on PC, create a queue named pqcashier_01, Configure RPM to launch at start up and open the queue pqcashier_01

Tech Services: Create Administrative Print Queue, Create RPM queue pqcashier_01 on Hydra & Blackhole, Test UNIX printing to RPM queue, Login into Hydra with SSH, At UIS:[1] prompt enter 'printer pqcashier_01', At UIS:[2] prompt send a test print, i.e., 'lp junk.txt'

Banner Data Custodian: Create User Class Objects Create two security objects on GUAOBJS, one for each receipt program: tgrmisc_pqcashier_01

Banner Data Custodian: Assign Permissions On the user class security form GSASECR, grant maintenance permissions to the user JOBSUBMT for the two objects created on GUAOBJS: tgrmisc_pqcashier_01

Systems Application Manager: Create Links in banner_mods directory.
tgrmisc_pqcashier_01 -> /wwu/appl/wwis/general/exe/tgrmisc
tgrrcpt_ pqcashier_01 -> /wwu/appl/wwis/banner_mods/exe/tgrrcpt

DBA: Modify script that loads Banner sleep wake process table. In the script /wwu/oradb/WWIS/start_bg_procs the following lines would be added: /wwu/oradb/WWIS/start_tgrmisc pqcashier_01
10 sleep 1 /wwu/oradb/WWIS/start_tgrrcpt pqcashier_01 10 sleep 1

User: set printer destination for receipts on TOADEST.

Login to Banner and set receipt printing destination to pqcashier_01 on TOADEST:

Viola! Receipt printing should now available on all Banner cashiering forms!

Note - Set up for receipt printing and other sleep/wake processes can be viewed on GJASWPT:

Page Updated 11.13.2017