Computer Accounts and Miscellaneous Questions

Administrative Computing Services (ADMCS x4444) is responsible for the creating, deleting and maintenance of employee administrative computer accounts such as Banner, Novell, Tita, Nolijweb, BiQuery and Outlook.

Q: How do I get accounts for a new employee in advance of their official start date or their arrival to WWU if a Personnel Action Form has not been processed yet?

A: You can view the procedures from the following online document Obtaining WWU Computer Accounts.

Q: Is there a listing I can view to determine what type of accounts that I will need?

A: You can view the account types from the following online documentation Central Administrative and Academic user accounts

Q: The employee has their WWUID # and Universal Login name but they do not have accounts. Why? What should I do now?

A: There can be be issues akin to a missing piece of the employee's OF (office record). ADMCS staff at x4444 will be able to determine the reason (s) and resolve the issue (s).

A: If the employee is a former employee (staff, faculty or student) and has not been paid within the past 4 months of the accounts request, the accounts will not automatically be created. Contact ADMCS x4444 to resolve this issue.

Q: Where do I go to get a Novell, Outlook, account?

A: Your employee accounts Novell (WWU network) and AD (Outlook email) are automatically created once all the required information has been entered into the HR system. A system generated message will be sent to your supervisor, department head etc: notifying them that your accounts have been created. You will then need to go to the following link, to activate your accounts..

After you have activated your accounts you will have access to:

  • your desktop computer
  • WWU network (Novell account)
  • classroom and library computers
  • Outlook email
  • MyWestern employee web portal
  • 1GB personal network storage space on network U:drive

Q: I can activate my accounts, log onto my PC using my credentials but I cannot access department resources or access Web4U. Why?

A: This is indicative that your "employee type" has not been entered into the Banner HR system. This occurs when your accounts have been created in advance of the necessary paper work (PA form) being submitted to HR. ADMCS can determine whether the "employee type" record has been entered in Banner, however the employee's supervisor is to follow up with HR regarding the employee's hiring status.

Q: Where can I get help filling out the electronic web forms?

A: Call ADMCS x4444 for instructions on how to use web forms.

Q: How do I get a Hydra/Banner Logon Account?

A: The employee's supervisor must approve and submit the Accounts Request form to ADMCS. The Accounts Request form is available at Administrative Web Forms site.

Q: Now that I have a Hydra/Banner Account, how do I get permissions to access student records?

A: Permission to access student information are granted by the Registrar's Department x2984. The Banner/Student Access request form can be accessed from Administrative Web Forms

Q: How do I access HR, Finance or Admission records?

A: Once you have a Hydra/Banner Login account, you will need to request permission to access data from the custodian of the data. Request access to the data via online forms at Administrative Web Forms.


Student Data - Cindy MacLean
Finance - Donna Foley
Human Resources -Vic Kiel
Alumni - Donna Janigo
Woodring - Kimberly McDaniel
Admissions - Margie Conway
Student Accounts - Leslie Pinkston
Financial Aid - Jean Meyer
Housing - University Residences - Karen Walker

Q: What are Unix Groups and how do I know which one(s) I belong to?

A: If you'd like to know which unix group(s) you belong to, telnet to Hydra and from the UISAP command line, type: grouplist -u (yourHydraLoginName), and press return. For example: grouplist -u jdoe would trigger the following system response: User: jdoe (P)compctr acctmgmt banner mailgrp quickref security sysadmin. The (P) indicates the users primary group.

Q: I don't remember my Banner password, who do I call?

A: Call ADMCS at x4444. They can reset your account password.

Q: How do I get a Gecko/Banner test Account?

A: Gecko login request forms are now available online through the Administrative Web Forms site.

Q: Where to I go to get access to Time Pay Lists for web entry?

A: Permissions to access the Time Pay Lists for web entry are granted by the HR office x3478.

Q: Who do I call to have a member of my staff added to a Unix group?

A: Supervisors may contact ADMCS x4444 with this request.

Q: I can't print from Hydra. What do I do?

A: Supervisors may contact ADMCS x4444 with this request.

Q: Where do I go to get a Samba Account?

A: Go to to fill out the form and then submit it to Technical Services.

Q: How can I print from Banner/UISAP?

A: To print from Hydra/UISAP, the destination printer must be listed as an available printer in Banner. If the printer is not listed in Banner, the Hydra Print Queue Request form must be filled out and submitted to ADMCS. An ADMCS applications support person (x4444) can assist you in filling out the form. The majority of Banner users print to their department networked printers. For non networked printers (printers attached to the user's local PC), RPM (remote printer management) software needs to be installed on their PC. In such cases, a tech person from ATUS x3333 will need to install the RPM software.

Page Updated 01.24.2019