NolijWeb Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1 - What's new

Q. What's new with Nolij Web 6?
Unlike previous versions, NolijWeb 6 is a web-based application. You can use any web browser (ie: IE7, IE8, Firefox) on PC or Mac.

The first time you launch the new version of Nolij Web you will be prompted with a Security Warning listing Nolij Corp as the publisher. When prompted with a popup screen “always trust this publisher” check the box to accept and “Run”. You will be prompted for your Banner login & password.

Changes to look for:

  • The tab key works. You can tab from field to field in search section.
  • Work complete button is not usable unless you are using the workflow feature.
  • After 30 minutes of inactivity you will be logged out.
  • If you choose to log out before that time use the Logout option in upper right-hand corner.
  • You can only be logged into one instance of NolijWeb at a time.

Switching roles/summary forms:

  • To the left of the Logout icon you will see your default role description.
  • If you have multiple roles, click on the down arrow to choose any other roles you have permission to access. You no longer need to log out to switch roles.

Images/Folder Objects

  • If you have permissions to view documents you will see icons under “Folder Objects” tab.

Query Results

  • Click on the red circle to clear query results
  • Click on the down arrow to toggle on/off: “Clear All Results Before Each Query”

Q. Is there a user's guide?
Yes. After you log into Noliweb, click on the NOLIJ tab. From the drop down menu, click on "Open User's Guide"

Section 2 - Problems

Q. The Query Results window does not expand. How do I fix this?
Check that your Java version is currently up to date.

Section 3 - Installing Java

Q. How do I determine what version of Java I have installed/enabled?
Follow the instructions below. For assistance call ADMCS Computing x4444

  1. Go to your Windows control panel
  2. right click on the Java icon and click on open

  1. Click on the Java tab

Q. How do I get the latest version of Java
Go here - Do not install TOOL BARS or free offerings

Q. After I have installed Java do I need to do anything else?
Yes. You need to set a Security setting

  1. Go to your Windows control panel
  2. right click on the Java icon and click on open

  1. select Advance tab
  2. select Security
  3. select Mixed Code
  4. select Disable verification (default is Enabled)

Q. I cannot access Nolijweb with Google's Chrome Browser, what is the problem?
This is a Java plugin related issue.

1. When the following message pops up, press the "OK" buttonchrome1

2. Press the "OK" button

3. Press the "Always run on this site" button .

4.Enter a Donor ID, press enter key. Data displayed in right side column pane

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