WWU Central Administrative Applications

(listed in alphabetic order)


Assists the Registrar’s Office in generating and maintain an academic catalog

Advisor Trac

Career Services vendor application.

Banner Suite of Software, vendor: Ellucian

    Banner Alumni

    Maintains records on all Alumni and Donors.

    Banner Accounts Receivable

    Tracks and maintains records on all student and non-student charges and payments.

    Banner Finance

    Maintains the university’s General, Operating, subsidiary ledgers.  Transaction feeds are loaded from several other systems.  Processes purchase orders, invoices, journal vouchers and budget transactions.

    Banner Financial Aid

    Tracks all Financial Aid applications and makes financial aid awards.  Satisfactory progress is monitored.

    Banner Grants

    Maintains records on all university grant applications and expenses.

    Banner Housing

    Tracks housing assignments.

    Banner Human Resources

    Maintains demographic, position, pay and benefit information for all employees.
    Processes all payrolls.

    Banner Students

    Supports the processing of Admission applications, building class schedules, registration, awarding grades, and maintaining student academic permanent record.

    Banner TEM (Travel Expense Management)

    Tracks and monitors approval of Travel authorization requests, advances, and processes travel expense reimbursements.  Is used in conjunction with NolijWeb document management and Banner Workflow.

    Banner Web4u

    Provides end user self-service access to student status, class lists, registration, grades; faculty rosters, grade load; and employee pay time entry, W2, paystubs, benefits, and leave balances.

    Banner Workflow

    Gives the university a tool for developing workflows to route transactions to people for processing.  Interfaces with Banner forms and processes.

Bi-Query / Student Data Warehouse

Presents the most used student data in a format that allows users to run and write their own reports.  Almost all data is from the Banner Student module.  The data warehouse was developed at Western and Bi-Query query tool is from OpenText.  Permission to access data is granted by the Registrar’s Office.  Data is generally refreshed nightly.

BullsEye Targeted Messaging

Tool written at Western that allows users to generate email messages to be sent to specific groups of students or employees based up selecting majors, departments, etc.  A file of a specific list of recipients can be uploaded and used to target a special group.

Campus Card

Vendor product that creates photo ID cards for all students and employees.  Operated by the UR Card Office.


Vendor system for receiving payments.  Primarily used by the Cashier’s Office.

CollegeNet ApplyWeb

A SAAS application that provides the Western admissions application on the web.  The data is matched to Banner records via NolijTransfer and loaded into Banner for evaluation.

CollegeNet Recourse 25 (Schedule 25)

CollegeNet product that has sophisticated algorithms to place all classes in physical rooms for each term.  Also allows for entry of adhoc events into classrooms.  All records are automatically  loaded into the campus wide event management system, EMS.


Comit is a vendor provided application to manage the Telephone billing.


Western developed application that Tracks and bills for projects done by the Copy/Duplicating office.


Vendor provided Recreational Center management software.  Tracks registrations to the gym and specific events like intramurals.


Community and Technical College transcript load.  Washington Community College transcripts are automatically loaded into the Banner Student module in preparation for students attending Western.  Developed at Western.


Novus provided application that supports the advertising of open employee positions; accepting on-line applications; and tracking the search process to fill positions.

EMS Enterprise Scheduler

Dean Evans and Associates (DEA) Event Management System (EMS) Enterprise Scheduler provides the capability for users to search across campus for available spaces to use for events; look for specific room attributes; submit requests online; and get approval to use the space. 

EMS Master Calendar

DEA’s EMS Master Calendar product builds a university campus-wide calendar for events. EMS Scheduler events are loaded into the Calendar and additional entries made manually.


EPAS provides electronic employee evaluations.  EPAS is a product developed at another university and enhanced by Western. 

Esign Web Forms

Esign Web Forms developed at Western replaces most paper forms.  The product allows for completing and submitting forms on the web; routing them via email; allowing attached documents; and maintaining a complete audit trail of changes and signatures.  Each submission and approval automatically generates a signature line.  Anyone can look at the last line of the form and see who is next to approve the form.  There are two menus of available forms - one for employees and one for students.  At any time one can do an online search of all one’s forms for specific forms that meet a search criteria have been completed or waiting for approval.

Evisions Form Fusion

Evisions product that provides extensive formatting of Banner reports.

Faculty Tracking

Western application enhancement to Banner to track and report on information about faculty.

Fairhaven Course Evaluation

Courses taught in Fairhaven College have written student and faculty evaluations.  These evaluations are stored in a database from which a Fairhaven textual transcript is produced.  The software is developed and maintained by ADMCS.

Housing Reservation Requests

Student housing requests are accepted and processed to match the correct students to roommates and type of room.  These records are loaded into Banner Student Housing module.  This application is developed and maintained by University Residences.

HR Intellicheck

This is an Evisions product that formats checks using output from Banner.

Millennium FAST / Finance & HR Data Warehouse

FAST data warehouse and query reporting tool is provided by Millennium.  It provides an easy to use reporting capability for end users to run and generate reports against most Banner Finance and HR data.  Users can generate charts and dashboards.  Data is generally refreshed from Banner nightly.

Moonfire Dial-a-Vision

Phone-a-thon fund raising application for Alumni/Foundation.


Western’s intranet portal.  It provides links to the most used Western computer tools and Western information resources.  Information is available that is specific to students or employees.  It provides campus-wide announcements.  It provides a convenient platform to maintain single sign-on (SSO) to most other Western applications.  This is configured by Western using the open source product, uPortal.


Document Management and Imaging.  Allows for the development of forms to display Banner and other data next to images. Product is from Perceptive.


Uses sophisticated matching of new student records to existing records to avoid duplication of records in Banner.  Used extensively by Admissions and Graduate Admissions.  Also from Perceptive.


Western’s emergency web site.  Western emergency messages and information are posted here. This application is developed by and is hosted off-campus by PIER.  It provides email, txt msg, and voice message distribution to students, employees, news media, and emergency team members.  University Communcations maintains the Emergency web site and their own departmental web site in this product.  These sites are independent of Western and would be available even if all Western systems were down.

Practice Partner

Health Services clinic management software.  It is a vendor product.


Student Transcript request processing application for the Registrar’s Office.


Tutoring Center vendor application. 

Sequoia Bookstore

Vendor application and cash registers to support Bookstore management.  Cashiering and inventory management.

Space Administration

A group of Western developed reports that generate statistics on room utilization.

Student Success Collaborative

A Software As A Service (SAAS, vendor hosts the application at their site) application that compares a Western student’s progress against other Western student’s average progress with similar academic traits.  It provides information based upon this to advisors.


Vendor software for managing and track student judicial proceedings.

Teacher Evaluation

Student instructor evaluation questionnaires are scanned and the results are loaded, analyzed, and the results provided to the instructor.

Terra Dotta Studio Abroad

Vendor provided software that allows students to register for international courses and events.  Tracks the location of all Western international students and instructors.  It also has the potential to be used for conference registrations.


Box Office application for processing box office ticket sales.  Vendor software.


Counselling Center’s vendor application.  It schedules appointments and tracks patient history.

T2 Parking

Provides the parking office with capability to provide online permit sails and tracks all traffic tickets, their balance and their status.

WA Department of Retirement System (DRS)

Payroll subsystem interfacing with WA Department of Retirement System.

Health Care Authority (HCA)

Payroll subsystem interfacing with WA Health Care Authority.

Woodring Education System

Western developed application that allows Woodring College of Education to track their special programs and certificates.  Banner data is used.   This system tracks additional information needed for these programs that Banner does not have.

WTA Bus Pass Assignment

Assigns bus pass to eligible student’s Western ID card. Developed at Western in cooperation with WTA.

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