Computer Account Types

For information relating to obtaining computer accounts go here.

For frequently asked questions page go to FAQ page.

To request one type of account or multiple accounts listed below submit the Accounts Request form located at following site Administrative Web Forms to your supervisor.


Outlook is Western's E-mail and calendar software that is installed or resides on your PC and connects to the messaging (email) server. Most employees at WWU choose Outlook as their preferred method of email because it makes sending and receiving file attachments easy! To obtain an Outlook account, complete the form at the right.

Black Board

WWU Online Learning system. This system is used to provide online materials and support to hundreds of courses offered by the University. To obtain a Black Board account go to the electronic web form.

Administrative System (UISAP, formerly Hydra)

Most central administrative administrative applications are run from the server called Hydra/Banner. A login account on Hydra allows you to connect to the main administrative server called Hydra (via SSH2 telnet), and/or Banner (via GUI or web interface). Once connected and with the appropriate permissions, you may wish to access student, finance and human resources records, and run reports. (see Banner Administrative Applications below)

Apply for a Hydra/Banner Account or Gecko Account using the electronic web forms. located at Administrative Web Forms. Contact the Administrative Computing x4444 for more information.

Test Administrative System (TISAP, formerly Gecko)

WWU employees that are required to test administrative applications for use on the production machine (Hydra) may need a Gecko account to access TRNG, SEED or PPRD databases. However, for most users a Banner/Hydra account will be sufficient. In the near future Gecko accounts will be created automatically when a Hydra/Banner account is requested - Gecko access will not require a separate Gecko Account Form.

Banner Administrative Applications (UISAP and TISAP)

The custodian of the data for each area is responsible for providing access. For access complete the forms at the right; at the top of the form are the respective data custodians.

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is an end-user query/reporting front end tool that copies data from the Banner database and loads it into the data warehouse server. Users are able to write their own adhoc reports or select from a set of prewritten reports. A Hydra/Banner login and access the Novell application launcher are required for access, as well as permission to the data. Access to appropriate data should be granted to new employees automatically by applying for "Banner Administrative Applications" access (see above).

Administrative Banner Web4U for Students, Faculty, and Staff

WWU employees utilize this web interface to view benefits, pay information, leave balances and to complete their time card through the web. WWU students may check their registration status, add or drop classes, display grades, apply for financial aid and more. Access is via the Western ID and PIN. These are established automatically for all new employees through the WWU Human Resources department. If you are faculty or staff, questions regarding your WWU number or pin may be directed to ADMCS x4444. If you are a student, please contact the Registrar's Office at x3430.

Page Updated 11.13.2017