WWU Central Academic Computers

Titan (serves Webmail, mail for @cc.wwu.edu addresses, web service for www.ac.wwu.edu/~URLs, modem pool authentication, plus misc. support services)
Sun Microsystems Sun Fire V490
                2 CPU, UltraSparc-IV, 1.35Ghz
                8Gb RAM

Portals (serves MyWestern, soon to be MyWWU) - this is a cluster of 3 machines: 
Sun Microsystems Sun Fire V240
              2 CPU, UltraSparc-IIIi, 1.5G
              2Gb RAM

Ra (serves www.wwu.edu URLs):
Sun Microsystems Enterprise 250R 420R
              2 CPU UltraSparc-II, 400 Mhz
              2Gb RAM
(NOTE: this is planned to be upgraded soon)

Page Updated 11.13.2017