Banner 8 Forms and Reports (Internet Native)

Banner 8 Forms and Reports (Internet Native – INB) allows the user to access all Banner 8 Forms across the network using a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions for a list of problems and issues that have already been identified.

Select the system listed below to run Banner 8 Forms and Reports

Production Systems

Test Systems

NOTES: for Remote users (off campus) see comments posted at the bottom of this page

Computer Based Training Learn Banner 8.x Fundamentals: Forms and Navigation

Chrome browser:
as of 9/1/15 Chrome will no longer support Java plugins therefore Chrome users can no longer access Banner 8 forms and reports. The alternative browsers available to access Banner 8 forms and reports are IE11 and Firefox.
* Windows 10 users: Do not use IE Edge. Set your default browser to IE11. Firefox is another alternative,

IE Users:
To prevent other web links from closing a Banner 8 Forms sessions with IE, uncheck the IE browser "Reuse Windows" option box.

Contact the Help Desk at X3333 if you have questions or require assistance.


Operating Systems: Windows/Mac OSX
Browser Requirements:
IE 11.0 & above, the most current version of FireFox & Safari (MAC).

Please note that the first time you run this version you will be prompted to install Java 1.8.XX on your PC. You will see a series of dialog boxes relating to server security certificates. When prompted. check the boxes to "trust this server/application".

Remote Users (off campus)

Remote Windows users will need to install the Cisco VPN Client. Read the Remote Access to Systems documentation.

It is recommended that all remote users read the following documentation to familiarize themselves with the remote access policy to WWU computer resources, requirements and process.

If you encounter other problems notify ATUS via E-mailor call ATUS Help Desk at x3333.

Page Updated 10.24.2018