Filezilla SFTP UTF-8 Client

* Follow the same procedures for setting up (and DB hosts)

Configuring Filezilla

  1. click on File then select Site Manager

  1. click on New Site button then enter site name e.g. UISAP
  2. enter host name:
  3. enter Port #: 22
  4. from the Servertype dropdown box, select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

  1. from the Logontype dropdown bos select Ask for Password
  2. click OK button to complete entry

* perform the above steps for

Customizing Filezilla - setting default directories (home and remote)

Note: if you leave the Default remote directory field blank it will default to your home directory

example: custom local and remote settings

  1. click on the Advance tab
  2. enter the Default local directory destination where you want to transfer the remote files to
  3. enter the Default remote directory where the remote source files you want reside
  4. click OK to complete

* see the 2 folder examples below in the "connecting to uisap" section

Filezilla - Connecting to UISAP

After you start Filezilla, and have selected Site Manager:

  1. click on site name UISAP
  2. enter your username
  3. click on Connect button

  1. enter your Password and click OK

Once connected you will see something similar as per the examples below:

Local Directory

Example: Remote directory

Page Updated 09.06.2018