Update existing Java 1.7 to current version

If you require assistance performing this update, contact the ATUS Help Desk at x3333.

- go to Control Panel

- click on the Java icon

- click on the Update tab

- check the box Check for Updates Automatically **may previously set to unchecked status**

- click on the Update Now button


- click on the Install button

- click on the Install button or if presented with the following scree below

- uncheck the freeware add-on boxes

- click on Next button

- click on Close button

Configuring the Java Security settings

- go to Control Panel

- click on the Java icon

- click onte Security tab
- click on the Edit Site List button

- click on the Allow button
- type into the Adress of websie field: https://inb.wwu.edu (Banner, Web4U, Millenium)

Add the following sites that you require:
- type: https://nolij.wwu.edu (Nolijweb)
- type: https://inbdev.wwu.edu
- type: https://nolijdev.wwu.edu
- click OK button to complete

Restore Mixed code settings

Upon upgrading to JRE 1.7 the Mixed Code settings are reset to default"
Enable - show warning if needed. Verify if the default setting has been restore mix_code

Page Updated 07.09.2018