Running a job after working hours using Job Submission

*Note: Processing against the Data Warehouse with Bi-Query does not impact on-line performance or registration. There is no problem with running Data Warehouse reports during the day.

There is a feature available for Banner Job Submission. We now have delayed job execution for all Banner processes and reports. This simple to use feature provides a number of benefits: When you prepare to submit the job to run, enter a value in the ‘Submit Time’ field on the job Submission form. The time must be entered in a 24 hour format, and between 6:00pm (18:00) the day you submit, up to 5:00am (05:00) the next morning. Then run the job as usual. The job will sleep until the time you specified, and then it will run. The output will be on your printer that morning!

  • Staff does not have to stay late to run Banner jobs
  • Improves interactive Banner performance by moving resource intensive processing to off hours
  • Schedule jobs to run at non-peak hours
  • Reduces processing time

To make use of this new feature, simply run jobs through job submission as usual, but specify a submit time in the appropriate form field (see below).

Please note that the Banner system is unavailable Thursdays from 11:45pm until approximately midnight for system backups. If you schedule a job during the downtime it will not run. If a scheduled job is still running when the system is brought down it will not complete. You can always check the job status from GWISTAT to see if the job completed properly.

Please try to be creative in your choice of execution time to avoid all jobs starting at the same time

If you have any questions please call the ADMCS help desk at extension 4444.

Page Updated 11.13.2017