WWU Computers Status page

Following is the current status of all central computer/networks maintained by Administrative Computing Services. This page does NOT include regular scheduled maintenance, see Schedule of Availability. This status page will be kept up-to-date Monday 8 a.m. through Friday 10 p.m. Any anticipated downtime for weekends will be entered by Friday night. Questions regarding the status of any of the following systems may be directed to ADMCS Computing at x4444, or ATUS Help Desk, x3333.

Reporting off-hours system problems: If you are experiencing a serious system problem with any of the machines listed below during off-hours, (5:00PM to 7:00AM) weekends, or holidays, please check for scheduled and non scheduled system downtimes on this page. If the system in question is not scheduled for any type of shutdown, report the problem to Campus Security at 650-3555. They will contact a member of the ADMCS Computing group to investigate the matter.

ADMCS Banner Systems Downtime for 2012-2013 Academic Year
Planned Unexpected Other Systems cause unavail.
  July – Banner HR Upgrade (1 day) 24
  Aug – Computer Room Electrical System upgrade project.  Fiber pulled and took down fiber switch resulting DB outage (6 hours) 6
  Nov – Major Banner Upgrade (2 days) (Fri 6pm - Sun 2 pm) 44

  Unknown date – Network outage prevented access to myWestern and other web services due to fiber switch issue; corrected after switch reboot.all MS systems out.   Banner and other non-MS systems up but users could not connect because web pages and myWestern were down.    Assuming down from Sunday till 5 pm Monday. 24
  Mar – myWestern Upgrade (myWestern and related systems with brief outage when Arch Logs filled up 4 hours)  Temporary myWestern page with links up so all systems available.  No Banner outage.
May 1 – MS patches brought down SQL Server outage and exchange.  SQLserver up Sunday.  Exchange up Monday but many people's email did not work.  (1 day)  No Banner outage.
Total Banner outage Hours 68 0 30
Total Hours for period 2480 2480 2480
Total Available hours 2412 2480 2450
Total BANNER application uptime (excluding planned outages or caused by other systems) 100.00%
Total Uptime with unexpected outages 98.79%
Total Uptime with planned outages 97.26%
Total Uptime with planned and unexpected outages 96.05%
Page Updated 07.05.2018