Academic Advising Center

If you participated in Running Start
during high school...

Congratulations on your hard work and academic accomplishments while in Running Start! As a WWU freshman with Running Start experience, your transition may feel similar to that of a new freshman and a transfer student. Here is some information to help you to capitalize on your hard work and continue developing your academic goals and interests at WWU.

Academic Goals and Advising

  • Think back to your academic experiences and goals during Running Start and use them to establish academic goals as a WWU student.
  • Ask questions and seek advising. While you are accustomed to navigating the college experience independently, bringing a lot of credit is an asset and may be complicated. You may want to meet with advisors a couple times per quarter in your first year at WWU.
  • Where to go for academic advising:
    • Academic Advising Center—for general academic advising & choosing a major
    • Academic Departments—advising for majors & minors
    • Career Services Center—choosing a major & career exploration guidance

Know How Your Credits Count

  • Make sure WWU has your final transcript from your community college (including final quarter grades and degree awarded, if applicable).
  • Avoid duplication or unnecessary course work.
  • Check your Transfer Equivalency Report (TER) to find out how your community college credits count toward Western requirements.
  • Students transferring to Western with a Washington community college Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) Associate Degree have completely satisfied their General University Requirements (GURs).
  • Your community college classes and grades may count toward your chosen major or minor
    • Degree Works in Web4U allows you to complete a What If analysis to see how your coursework applies to different majors and/or minors.

Key Policies to Know

  • Your GPA does not transfer to WWU. You establish your WWU GPA based on your academic performance in your 1st quarter at WWU.
  • WWU expects students to choose a major when they have completed 90 credits and requires students to declare a major when they have completed 105 credits. Read the policy about declaring a major in the Catalog.

Explore Majors at WWU

  • Many students have ideas of possible majors and careers while they are involved in Running Start. Now is the time to start connecting those ideas to possible majors at WWU.
  • Keep in mind some majors have prerequisite classes, a GPA requirement, and an application process/deadline.
  • Explore the Programs of Study
    • See what majors WWU offers.
    • Learn how to declare a major—each Major Guide explains the specific requirements to declare that major and includes contact information for department advisors.
  • Explore Academic Departments
    • Check out the department websites to learn about the professors and the opportunities each department offers its students.
    • Meet with faculty and staff advisors to discuss the opportunities and steps to declare the major.
  • Not sure what you want to study? Have questions?
    • Schedule a Choosing a Major appointment with an Academic Advising Center or Career Services Center advisor.
    • Review the Academic Advising Center's comprehensive Choosing a Major website.
    • Check out What Can I do with a Major in…?
    • See what types of first jobs WWU grads get with different majors.
    • Complete an assessment of your personality and/or interests as they relate to careers and majors.

Next Steps to Maximize your WWU Experience

  • Build your resume experience through internships, research projects, and volunteer experience—the Career Services Center can help.
  • Connect with your professors during office hours.