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Welcome to Western, New Transfer Students!

Your first experience with Academic Advising will be at the Transitions advising and orientation program. Click here to make a reservation.

We're happy that you have chosen Western and look forward to supporting you in your continuing academic career. Here we provide information on how you can make a smooth transition to campus and find support for your academic goals and interests. If you don't find answers to your questions here, contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

Are you a transfer student entering Western fall quarter?

If you are unable to attend the Transitions program, Western’s orientation, academic advising and registration program for new transfer students entering in fall, your next step is to watch our online transfer advising tutorial. This video will cover graduation requirements, Western policies, class planning, and registration. Beginning July 31, Advisors are also available to meet with you in person or by phone to answer questions and help you prepare for fall quarter classes. To schedule an appointment with an advisor, call our front desk at 360-650-3850 on or after July 30, 2019.

Who Do I See for Transfer Advising?

At Western there are many people available to answer your questions and help you with academic planning:

  • The Academic Advising Center (AAC) provides general advising to all students. The AAC can assist you with things like choosing a major, planning for graduation requirements, understanding your transfer credits, and much more! To set up an appointment with an advisor, call the AAC front desk at (360) 650-3850.
  • As a transfer student, you should contact the department of your intended major as early as possible. Departments can provide detailed information on major requirements and the steps to declare. Once declared in your major, you will be assigned a departmental advisor who will work with you until graduation.
  • Student Outreach Services (SOS) is also available for general advising. Find out more about SOS through their website or by calling (360) 650-3843.

Explore Majors at WWU

  • Many students have ideas of possible majors and careers while they are involved in Running Start. Now is the time to start connecting those ideas to possible majors at WWU.
  • Keep in mind some majors have prerequisite classes, a GPA requirement, and an application process/deadline.
  • Explore Programs of Study at Western
    • See what majors WWU offers.
    • Learn how to declare a major—each Major Guide explains the specific requirements to declare that major and includes contact information for department advisors.
  • Explore Academic Departments
    • Check out the department websites to learn about the professors and the opportunities each department offers its students.
    • Meet with faculty and staff advisors to discuss the opportunities and steps to declare the major.
  • Not sure what you want to study? Have questions?
    • Schedule a Choosing a Major appointment with an Academic Advising Center or Career Services Center advisor.
    • Review the Academic Advising Center's comprehensive Choosing a Major website.
    • Check out What Can I do with a Major in…?
    • See what types of first jobs WWU grads get with different majors.
    • Complete an assessment of your personality and/or interests as they relate to careers and majors.

Next Steps to Maximize your WWU Experience

I Haven't Been Admitted to Western Yet

Your first step as a prospective student is to meet with an Admissions counselor. Admissions counselors can answer questions about the application process, transferring credit, and available academic programs at Western. You can contact Admissions by email at or by phone at (360) 650-3440.

Online Resources for Transfer Students

Note: Important! We are in the process of updating the documents on this page for accessibility. If you require assistance with any documents that are not yet accessible, please contact Lisa Megard at

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