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Dear William:

Declaring a major is essential to graduating in a timely manner. We would like to support you in taking the next steps in your process of declaring a major. Western’s major declaration policy requires students to apply to or declare a major by the time they complete 90 credits. Students who do not declare a major by the time they complete 105 credits are required to communicate with an advisor prior to registration. Our records show that you have completed 123 credits, and have not yet declared a major.

As of April 15th, a hold has been placed on your registration for summer and fall quarter classes. To remove your registration hold you must either:

  • Complete the online Major Declaration Plan before 5:00pm on Tuesday, April 29th. An Academic Advisor will review your Major Declaration Plan to determine whether you need to meet with an advisor before registering for spring quarter classes. Click below to complete this form as soon as possible as the review process may take up to one week.
    Note: you should complete this form even if you did so last quarter.
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor in person. You may either schedule an appointment by calling 360-650-3850 or you can come to a walk-in appointment between 11-2 daily.
  • Declare your major. Once you have declared, click here to complete the appropriate form.

Benefits to declaring your major include:

  • Departmental advisement specific to your major
  • Access to major restricted courses
  • Connecting with faculty and finding out about major related opportunities

The Academic Advising staff is available to help you navigate how to choose and declare a major. We look forward to helping you make progress in your Western journey.

The Academic Advising Center Staff

Amy Appleton
Carissa Bane
Jamie Cripps
Leah Keeghan
Shelley Pearson

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