Information for Students Interested in Physical Therapy

You can find more information about physical therapy at the American Physical Therapy Association website.

A Listing of the accredited doctoral programs in physical therapy can be found at the APTA website.

Prerequisites for entry into a graduate program in PHYSICAL THERAPY

To be competitive for entry into a doctoral program in physical therapy, students must complete an undergraduate degree, complete a specified set of prerequisites and obtain hours in the field working with physical therapy professionals. To meet the requirements for a number of programs, students typically complete:

  • general chemistry series (Chem 121, 122, 123),
  • the general physics series (Physics 114, 115, 116),
  • anatomy and physiology (Bio 348, 349),
  • microbiology (Bio 345/346 or 245),
  • some additional biology credits (BIO 204 and/or 205),
  • statistics (Math 240 or KIN 307), and
  • some psychology (Psych 101 and Psych 230 or 250).
  • 200-400 hours of clinical experience

A summary of the prerequisites for physical therapy programs in the country can be found in
this document prepared by the APTA.

Download the Pre-Physical Therapy Major Guide
Preparing for Grad School

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