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Major - B.A. Business Administration- Management
Hometown - Burlington, WA

My greatest passion is making my family proud. As the oldest grandchild on both sides of my parents’ families, I have been committed to being a positive role model for my cousins and little sister. Making my family proud is what drives me to succeed, and just as I want to represent my family well, I also always want to represent Western well. As a student, I take pride in achieving high grades in classes and representing Western in the community through the pursuit of internship opportunities. I hope to one day be in a position as an alumnus to give back to Western by encouraging future recruitment of other Western students. I believe it is this pride in representing those who have invested in me that has led me to success and recognition through this scholarship.

“Through hard work and dedication to my academic and career pursuits I look forward to the day when I am in the position to help others as I have been helped.”

When I was 14, my mom had her second child, my only sibling, which aligned with the timing of her being laid-off after her company was bought-out. Now, almost 8 years later, my mom is still unemployed while my dad provides the only income for our family aside from my limited income as an on-campus, student employee. With all of this, our household’s finances have significantly changed over the past seven years and my education and associated costs are paid for through loans and any scholarships I am privileged enough to receive. This scholarship allows me to spend more time focusing on my academic and career pursuits which my family and I are incredibly grateful for.

Family is by far the most important part of my life, so whenever I get a weekend free I try to go home and visit my little sister… I like to go on little trips to random towns and explore, go on runs (I really like themed 5Ks), and I am in the process of trying to persuade my mom that skydiving is safe for me to try.

Being 14 years older than my sister, the disapproving looks I got the first time I took her to the store shocked me. Had I seen someone in my situation before she was born, I may have had that same look thinking they were mother and daughter, not sisters, but now instead of jumping to conclusions or making assumptions, I look for the positive in situations and for the potential in people. The experience of being so openly judged by others has engrained a strong personal value of approaching new situations and people with an open mind. I believe this core value of open-mindedness will allow me to achieve greater success in my life since it fostered a passion for helping others.


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