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Holly Christenson

Major - Undeclared
Hometown - Burlington, WA

Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have had to worry about how to pay for college - but then the economy went down the drain, and so did my parents’ plans to fund my education. I made the decision to go to college, even though it would be difficult financially, because it was the right decision for me academically. This isn’t just my story - it’s the story of many college students. So I, like many other students, sought to make my education possible by applying for financial aid and scholarships.

“Without financial aid and scholarships like the one you have so generously awarded me, I would not be able to attend college at all.”

I am largely financially independent, covering almost all of my own expenses for things like my education, rent, groceries, and caring for my horse and cat. As I’m discovering, this is a huge responsibility! Every bit of support makes a huge difference. This scholarship is helping me get an education, which simply wouldn’t be possible without financial aid.

This summer, my family lost our house. We left our home of fifteen years for a hundred year-old farmhouse that was covered in dated, peeling wallpaper and ghastly patterned carpet. My mom and I set to work to make the best of it…We are doers, go-getters, and girls who know how to use power tools!

I enjoy spending time with my horse, in the saddle and out, and when the horse chores are done I explore various creative activities, including visual art, sewing, baking and jewelry making. Additionally, every November I participate in National Novel Writing Month, and that’s plenty to keep me busy when I’m not studying! This year will be my sixth year participating and my sixth completed novel. It’s just for fun - I don’t intend to pursue publishing my work anytime soon!


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