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Rebecca Donaldson

Major - Spanish and Linguistics
Hometown - Lake Stevens, WA

In the past, I have tried to be a strong thread in the world’s fabric by having an impact on society through my participation in community-building, an endeavor I have been involved in during these past formative years as a result of my liberal arts education. Though I am only in my junior year at Western Washington University, my education – including previous experiences of a liberal arts nature in high school – have given me sensitivity toward diversity, have allowed me to create cross-cultural awareness, and have given me the confidence to be responsive to the needs of others. By taking advantage of opportunities that presented themselves, I have become aware of what is necessary for a community to thrive and I have reached out to provide support. These are the reasons that led me to receiving this scholarship.

“In the upcoming year I will be finishing my undergraduate studies and plan to apply for a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Brazil. I look forward to the exciting opportunities that await me and thank you for allowing them to be possible.”

This scholarship has impacted my life greatly, allowing me to continue my voyage of learning, community building and researching. The generosity of the Western Alumni Association has provided me an opportunity over the last three years to continue my studies and follow my dreams.

I am currently a senior, studying Spanish and Linguistics at Western. Upon graduation, I plan do a Post-Baccalaureate in Communication and Science Disorders, ultimately applying for the Graduate program at Western. I enjoy studying language and working with children. In the future, I hope to be a Speech Pathologist, using my passion for linguistics to help children with communication development. During my free time, I enjoy practicing Spanish and Portuguese with friends, listening to country music and playing volleyball.

Before beginning my second year at Western Washington University, I had little to no trajectory for my future. Not until meeting Dr. Kendra Douglas in the Modern and Classical languages department at Western Washington University did I catch the wave and begin to examine all the possible currents that would guide me to the shores of my future. She possesses qualities of a lighthouse, providing guidance when my options seemed cloudy, making all that was unclear visible. With her support, I continue on my life journey, building bridges within my local community, in the classroom and abroad.


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