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Katherine Gray

Major - Human Services
Hometown - Tacoma, WA

This will be my second year at Western. While working at the AS CDC on campus and taking on other babysitting jobs before classes, I was still trying to figure out how to pay for college. My parents, uncle, and great-grandmother all went to Western. After winning the scholarship last year, I thought I would try again. It was such an encouragement to receive this scholarship. I applied for three different scholarships; this was the only one I received, which made my day.

“I would love to take the knowledge I learn at WWU back to my hometown of Tacoma, to help the families that want to have a child but cannot.”

This scholarship helps more with morale, knowing that people believe in me to accomplish something great. I am excited to finish my last quarter of GUR’s and then begin my major.

I love to be with people, whether it’s going to coffee, or tea, walking around Old Tacoma, or watching a movie with friends. I also love to read.

I have loved the opportunity at Western to have a roommate that I had never met before, who was completely different than me. She was caring, respectful but also inquisitive about my belief system. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to share my faith with her and not be judge or ridiculed. Many times people hear that you are a Christian and they think of stereotypes. At Western, I was able to never be ashamed but to walk with my head up and express my beliefs openly.


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