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Donna Llwellyn

Major - Environmental Policy
Hometown - Wilbur, WA

During my life so far, I have lived in Wilbur, WA (twice); Manhattan, KS; and Richmond, KY. Other than moving, my childhood was fairly normal and American. I have a mom, dad, and younger brother. I am a natural-born, Caucasian, Christian female. In my eyes, there is nothing special about me; yet, WWU Alumni must have seen something unique or the potential for greatness in me. Throughout life, I have struggled socially and academically, having to work for every grade and having to prove myself responsible and trustworthy to my parents, teachers, and friends. I believe what led to my receiving this scholarship is being a passionate leader. This came in the form of holding various club offices, participating in athletics, being involved in my community and school, and doing better than my best academically. In general, being a leader and aiming for excellence have allowed me to be a candidate for this scholarship, which I have been fortunate enough to receive.

“My desire to excel has received generous recognition, making it a great honor to be selected for this scholarship.”

Being awarded this scholarship has humbled me immensely. It gives me hope for a low-debt financial future throughout my higher education. Also, this financial assistance has come from an influential group, the WWU Alumni Association, and has reiterated the importance of leadership. This prestigious scholarship is a high honor that addresses distinguished scholarship and leadership.

In my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading, taking walks with friends and family, bicycling, trying new things (especially food), listening to music, and traveling.

My greatest weakness was being shy. I have always been the kind of person willing to be friendly to anyone but lacking the courage to instigate a conversation. After moving from Richmond, KY to Wilbur, WA, where I had previously lived as a young child, to live with my aunt, I underwent many personal changes. My outlook on school and my future changed drastically from being a difficult and scary inevitability to becoming a pleasure to be explored. I have gained life-changing wisdom from moving to this familiar place with a new outlook that has allowed me not only to accept change and overcome difficult situations, but also to ultimately have the courage to be more social and a part of my community and school. Through this personal transformation, I have gained many friends and experiences.


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