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Victoria Monreal

Major - Biology
Hometown - Wenatchee, WA

After high school, I attended Wenatchee Valley College. When I graduated from Wenatchee Valley College I was unsure what I wanted to dedicate my time to for a career. I decided to go on a nine-month trip to Peru to travel and volunteer at various places. That is where I fell in love with the Amazon Rainforest. Seeing how the rainforest was being destroyed by people’s actions changed my life. It developed my passion for helping the environment and educating others on how to help as well. After another year of working to save up enough money to attend university, and receiving this scholarship, I am now able to attend Western Washington University.

“Your willingness to invest in my education and future is invaluable to me.”

This scholarship has impacted my life in many ways. It means so much to me that people are willing to invest in my education and my dream of creating my own wildlife reserve. Receiving this scholarship has also increased my ability to concentrate on my studies. After I am done with school, I know that I will contribute to another student’s education as Western Alumni Association has contributed to mine.

I love everything about the outdoors. I had the opportunity to work in Yellowstone National Park this summer and hiked over 100 miles on my days off. I also enjoy camping, sports, coaching, volunteering, and learning about different cultures.

Returning to the United States after living in Peru was tough. In Peru, poverty was prevalent and people were doing anything to survive. When I returned to the United States, it was apparent that people’s survival crisis was not having the newest cell phone. It made me appreciate all the opportunities I have, and made me want to make a difference even more because I have opportunities available to me.

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