Western Washington University Alumni Association

Nicole Steed

Major - Anthropology
Hometown - Puyallup, WA

I have always worked really hard in school because it was the only thing that I could control with my hard work. I strived to get the best grades possible, and I plan on continuing my work ethic throughout college. My brother had excelled at wrestling, receiving medals for his accomplishments, and I had not received anything that I could hold in my hand that was a token of my hard work. Even though I still cannot hold my “medals,” I know that receiving this scholarship, among another from my high school, is my token of victory. My hard work has finally been recognized and I feel like at this point in my life, my success in high school really matters. It will help me succeed in college, and I am thrilled that the alumni association was the one to recognize my hard work and reward me with this scholarship.

“I thank you for rewarding me and seeing the potential in myself that I am trying so hard to fulfill.”

Earning this scholarship will impact my education the most. Going through college, I feel like many students worry about their financial situation, so their education and classes do not remain at the top of their list of worries. With this aid, I will not have to worry quite as much about money my first year and will be able to work to receive a solid foundation for my education at Western Washington University.

I play volleyball and would like to continue through recreational league at Western. I also play piano and participate in community service.

This past year, I redirected my focus onto community service. I worked 156 hours over this past year and earned a varsity letter in community service. The choice to focus on volunteering changed my views on helping people. Watching the organizations that I helped, I came to realize that the work I did there, unpaid, was much more valuable to me than it could have been if I had been paid. It meant more to me because I did not have to be there, but I chose to be because I knew that these organizations can only succeed with support from the community.