Western Washington University Alumni Association

Dylan Sweeney

Major - Mathematics
Hometown - Bonners Ferry, ID

I grew up in a very small town in Idaho, technically a village, named Bonners Ferry. Living there, I acquired values like working hard, being a helping hand to the community and enjoying life whether in school or playing in the mountains. I stayed in Bonners Ferry through high school and made the decision to attend Western Washington. During 8th grade I came to the realization that I wanted to become a math teacher, and after researching Western, I found out that it had a strong math program and an excellent teaching program. My freshman year was not easy for me and I had to really adjust my study habits to accommodate the new, significantly larger workload. Finally, school started clicking during my sophomore year and my grades went up significantly. I also joined Compass 2 Campus. With volunteering in elementary schools, I solidified my desire to become a teacher and now work for Cyndie Shepard as a Lead Mentor.

“I plan to continue with mathematics for secondary education, but I want to be certified to teach Spanish as well.”

I believe the scholarship will affect me more after college because I will have to pay $1,000 dollars less in student loans. I currently take out about $7,000 a year in loans, and that is going to hit me hard after I get out of school. However, I received this scholarship, and one from my home town for $2,000, and my confidence for applying for scholarships has been boosted immensely.

I love to run, bike, hike, swim, and cook big dinners for friends at my house.

I have always had a travel bug and wanted to go to different places in the world, but traveling throughout Europe after high school invoked a major passion for travel that I will always have. Recently, I spent two months in Ecuador and absolutely loved it. I call traveling “condensed personal growth and learning” because so much happens in a relatively short amount of time. The experiences I had working with a poor community daycare in Ecuador has given me not only memories for a lifetime, but future goals in international education.