Western Washington University Alumni Association

Heather Taylor

Major - Special Education/Psychology
Hometown - Monroe, WA

Throughout my life, I have had very traumatic experiences that led to a great deal of brokenness. My story is one that is dark and depressing and while in grade school, I had little in the way of hope. Hope came from the dream of college and my education, and frankly, an escape from my environment. Through this dream of a better future, I discovered a passion for children who have had similar life circumstances as me. In working with students who are victims of abuse and poverty, I have come to realize that my role in their life can bring them hope. I work with organizations and populations of children and families to bring healing and restore hope in the lives of those who are broken. Through my work and volunteer experience, I have had many leadership opportunities which inspired me to apply for this scholarship, and have also blessed me with the receiving of the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship, for which I am eternally grateful.

“I have one more year at Western, which I am paying with little help from my parents, and any financial help relieves a great deal of stress.”

Coming from a family that is not financially stable, due to poor choices made by my parents, I did not have help paying for my education. To finance my college career, I have held multiple jobs and have taken out loans, which add a great deal of stress to my life. In receiving this scholarship, it has alleviated some of the financial stress in my life and has allowed me to focus on impacting the lives of others, as well as my education, instead of how I am going to pay for school.

I like to read, draw, hike, watch movies, exercise, and write.

I am very honored and thankful that I was chosen to receive this scholarship!