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Kaitlyn Abrams

Major - English
Hometown - Kent, WA

“I am an active and enthusiastic learner who holds high standards for personal excellence and currently maintains a grade point average of 3.98.”

I’m a Running Start transfer in my senior year at Western Washington University. Learning in WWU's inspiring and encouraging environment has allowed me to get involved in multiple extracurricular pursuits such as working in the WWU Writing Center, getting involved in various clubs and even trying my hand at writing a novel. I first heard about the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship from a coworker in the Writing Center. Because of my strong academic drive and enthusiasm for bettering the world around me, I hope to be a positive representative of the Western Washington University Alumni Association.

As is the case with many college students, financing a university education has been a struggle for my family. Having taken out a substantial amount of student loans, this scholarship is not only an incredible honor but also a great weight off of my shoulders as well as my parents'. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to worry that much less about being able to continue my education, and I'm extremely grateful.

I'm a huge book nerd (Game of Thrones, anyone?) and also really enjoy practicing yoga, going on hikes, song-writing and singing for my band, cooking (to the best of my ability) and watching old Disney movies with friends or family. I'm crazy about nature and love to get around in Bellingham's backyard when I have the chance, especially over the summer when everything is so green and beautiful!

One thing I've learned over the course of my past two years at Western is how successful I (or any student) can be as long as I keep the bar high for myself. Classes that at first seem impossible can be conquered with enough determination (or sheer stubbornness); if the class seems like it's going to stretch my capabilities to the max, I've found that I'm able to stretch along with it, simply because succeeding is the only option I acknowledge. While it's always important to be kind to yourself while in college and not go overboard with stress, be aware that you also have a boundless amount of potential just waiting to be tapped into.


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