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Major - Anthropology/Social Studies
Hometown - Mt. Vernon, WA

“Not only did you give me this opportunity to succeed, but you also believe in me and that makes me want what I'm after so much more.”

I am the youngest of five and all of us have student debt – including my mother. She is also paying off my oldest brother’s private loan for school, because he died unexpectantly three years ago. My mom also has to pay off debt due to her ex-husband’s poor credit situation. I work and am looking for another job that works with my school schedule. I live in Bellingham and try to pay for my rent, groceries and everything else myself. For the things I can’t afford like tuition, extra fees and books, I take out in loans from Financial Aid.

This scholarship has impacted my life greatly. I can focus on my studies more and less money will be taken out in loans which will help me in my endeavors. I am proud to say that I am paying for college on my own, but I am very thankful that I am receiving help from the Alumni Association.

When I’m not studying or working I like to play soccer with my friends. I also enjoy the Bellingham scenery by going on hikes and walks. I also have fun writing, reading and taking pictures.

The experience that will always have the most impact on the way I live is my older brother committing suicide. Many people don’t understand how much an experience like this changes you. I want to give back to our society and let people understand that I’m here to listen and give them a hand if they need it. As a future teacher that is what I will do for my students, I hope to fill their minds with knowledge and give them an opportunity to be heard.




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