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Suzanne Bair-Harlick

Major - Creative Writing
Hometown - Bellingham Transplant

“As a busy student, an extremely busy single parent, and active community member, I am incredibly honored that you have recognized all of my efforts both inside and outside of the classroom.”

I am a single, disabled mother of two children, returning to school to complete my education that was interrupted many years ago by a car accident. As I took time to adjust to the many changes in my life I became increasingly active as a volunteer in my community as a means to stay engaged and productive. Quickly, my own children were approaching a point where they were going to outstrip me in academics, and wanting to set a good example for them during their impressionable years, I returned to school. After much soul searching I finally came back to the educational field I had always wanted to pursue: English. I am now a Creative Writing Major, entering into my senior year at Western Washington University. I hope to apply for WWU's new Master's of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing to continue my education, hopefully paying it forward to help inspire other students and writers in the future.

As a returning adult student, I am supporting myself and my children while going to school full time. In an effort to become retrained to return to work due to my disability, my financial means are limited. With recent changes to federal aid, my time in school before, being unprepared and struggling to overcome the challenges of my disability have diminished my federal aid, causing me to run out of funding now that I have returned to school. This scholarship will help reduce some of the financial burden caused by having to utilize student loans to supplement federal grants. Relieving this burden allows me to focus on the importance of my education instead of being overly concerned with the day to day struggle of how to financially support it.

I love to spend time with my children, take my dog for a walk, read fantasy novels, travel and listen to live music as much as possible, and bake. Sadly, most of those things only come in about 5 minute chunks as a busy mother and student.

I am incredibly honored to be chosen for your scholarship. It is amazing how something so seemingly small can make such a huge difference. Thank you for appreciating my commitments that extend outside of the classroom and recognizing my achievements not only as a student but also as an active community member.


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