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Nicole Carroll

Major - History/Social Studies
Hometown - Lake Stevens, WA

“I have been able to maintain good grades that have put me on the President’s List. Plus, I was able to start my own history club as well as participate in a few other clubs this year.”

I have wanted to become a history teacher since I was ten years old. With time I have only grown even more passionate about this goal. Western Washington University is such a great school for teachers and so far I have also been extremely impressed with the history department. On top of that, WWU is extremely helpful financially with both financial aid and the availability of scholarships. I am very thankful for this scholarship and the opportunity for me to receive this help with my schooling.

My family is struggling financially and without financial aid and scholarships I would probably not be going to WWU, or else I would be racking up student loans. This scholarship means a lot to me and gives me the financial security I need so I can continue dreaming big!

I play volleyball and I love to dance. I just recently became interested in dancing and have joined the swing dancing club and tango club at WWU. I also started my own club this year, the United States History Club. So far the club has only had a few members, but I'm looking forward to the future of the club next year!

I have been fortunate to have had amazing teachers throughout school and now in college. I had one of the most amazing teachers for AP US History my junior year in high school. Last year, he unfortunately passed away. However, he has impacted my life and the lives so many others in so many ways. My goal is to become as influential to my students as he was and that has been driving my motivation in college.


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