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Kelci Clare

Major - General Science-Middle Level; Elementary Education
Hometown - Enumclaw, Washington

“My positions on campus as an RA, a peer advisor, and a Woodring peer mentor have allowed me to welcome others to a community that has meant so much to me.”

In my five years at Western, I've met a lot of really great people and have been able to have so many wonderful opportunities, many of which put me in a leadership position – either formal or informal. As a sophomore I was able to spend my year fostering community as an RA in Nash Hall. That summer (and every summer since) I have worked as an academic student advisor during Summerstart and Transitions, our new student orientation programs. My experience with this program let to a peer advisor job in the Academic Advising Center, where I've worked since. After a year I took on the lead peer advisor position and have been leading our peer advisor team for two years. These advising jobs introduced me to some of the best people I know, and I know it's shaped my experience at Western in incredible ways. As an Elementary Education student, I've also spent the past two years as a Woodring peer mentor, allowing me to share my wonderful Woodring experiences and insights with future Woodring students.

This scholarship makes it so that I can focus 100% on completing my final quarter of student teaching in the Fall. I've worked my way through college, but full-time student teaching prevents this in the fall. I already have significant student loans, and this scholarship means that I won't need to accrue any more! I am so grateful to be able to completely focus on making the most of my 3rd quarter internship time.

When I'm not studying I love to spend time with my family and friends, do crafts, and hang out in schools. The beach is one of my favorite places!

In my time at Western I've met a lot of people who have made a lasting impact on my life and for whom I'll always be grateful. Many of these people have been colleagues and classmates, but several have also been professors and other staff and faculty members. I've had many opportunities to work with new students, and always encourage others to find an opportunity to make a connection with someone. The people we meet here can change our lives and be such strong support for us in any situation.




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