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Courtney Clifton

Major - Linguistics and Spanish
Hometown - East Wenatchee, WA

“Next year will probably be the tightest financially for me since I have quite a few TESOL classes left (and they are fee-based), and this scholarship will hopefully allow me to focus more on my studies instead of searching for a second job.”

I received this scholarship because I am a leader in my community, but I was not always this way. Through high school I was terribly shy and afraid to even talk to strangers. When I came to Western in 2011, I decided I wanted college to be different. I went to Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF), a Christian club, where I had an encounter with Jesus. After that, my life was completely different. I wanted to study harder so I could get to know him better, and I wanted to reach out to people and make them feel welcome. This led to both me choosing a second major (Spanish) and becoming a small group leader with CCF. I decided to apply for the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship because of this change in my life.

This scholarship has had a big impact on my life. If it weren't for this scholarship, I would probably have to get a second job next year. That would mean that I would have less time to focus on my studies and community involvement. Receiving this scholarship has also affirmed my leadership skills and motivated me to stay in student leadership for the coming year.

I enjoy going on hikes (Oyster Dome is my favorite), riding my bike around Bellingham, watching movies, and reading. I also like finding a good bargain at a thrift store and cooking.

The experience I shared about above had an important impact on the way I think and live my life. It has made me live centered on others instead of myself. It has also changed my future career plans. I have decided to teach English in Spanish-speaking countries after graduation, experiencing more of the world and helping other people pursue their dreams.




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