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Jessica Cross

Major - Communication
Hometown - Blaine, WA

“With the freedom that I've been given I will serve others.  I hope to serve people in my community as well as those around the world.”

I came to Western in 2010 after I had graduated from Blaine High School with a year's worth of college/AP credits and enough scholarships to cover my first year of university. But by the end of my first year I didn't have enough funding to continue, I was burnt out, and I didn't match well with the teaching program that I was in. So, I ended up dropping out of school. Even though that was devastating, it ended up being a year of rest, exploration and figuring out what I wanted. This past year (2012-2013), after some major transitions in my life, I made my way back to Western, got into the right major, have gotten straight A's so far, and can even graduate on time thanks to the credits I got in high school. Also, since I have been back I have been pursuing scholarships with the WWU Scholarship Center to help minimize my future debt (that's what led me to the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship).

Growing up in poverty meant that paying for an education wouldn't be easy, yet education is one big key to being free from poverty. My dream of freedom is having a hard-earned degree, options in front of me and no debt to hold me back. I can't, at this point, say that I'll be able to graduate debt free, but I've been able to keep the debt at a minimum, thanks to scholarships like the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship. It means the world to me that the WWU Alumni Association would care enough about my future to support me in my endeavors.

When I'm not studying I love to explore the city and outdoors. I also enjoy reading. I could spend a good chunk of time at Woods Coffee with a good book (or Pinterest), a comfy chair, a spectacular view, and a fire place. Also, I am very excited to spend this summer with the kids and staff of Fircreek Day Camp, and fulfill the role of the photographer and administrator.

Over the years, especially with my journey through school, I have been learning that even though things don't go the way I want them to, God is still faithful and somehow things work out. Even if it looks like I've been defeated, I don't ever have to give up hope.




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