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Maia Hanson

Major - Biology/Math
Hometown - Granite Falls, WA

“Working at the tutoring center has given me a wonderful opportunity to reinforce my learning.”

I will be starting my junior year at Western in the fall and have been working towards a Biology/Math degree. I have loved my time at Western and have worked hard to maintain a high GPA while still participating in non-academic activities. I work at the tutoring center on campus and am also the leader of a middle school Girl Scout troop. I applied for this scholarship and was extremely blessed to receive such a substantial award.

This scholarship will allow me to work less in this coming year, providing more time to focus on studies and community outreach. I hope to have the opportunity to meet some of the donors so that I may thank them personally.

When I am not studying, I always enjoy the chance to catch up with friends over coffee at The Underground. Running, water coloring, and reading are some of my favorite alone time hobbies; I am currently working my way through Les Miserables and loving it.

Working at the tutoring center has been an amazing experience for me. Not only have I met wonderful friends and been able to grow in my own knowledge, but I am also so inspired by how dedicated some of the students are; they are diligent in their studies and remind me of how valuable perseverance can be.




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