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Jewlia Johnson

Major - Mathematics/Computer Science
Hometown - WA

“I'm ready and willing to work even harder to prove that I deserve this scholarship as I take on more college level work in math and computer science.”

My grandmother was the last one in my family to finish college. As I was growing up she always spoke about her time at Western and how much of an impact it had on her life. She was a teacher for many years in the Marysville School District and then moved around to several different countries as an administrator. It was always a family goal for my mother and two aunts to attend Western, but unfortunately they were unable due to financial reasons. I am proud to pick up the torch where my grandmother left off and follow in her footsteps pursuing my academic career at Western.

This scholarship will help enable me to attend college and pursue a double major in mathematics and computer science. Without this scholarship it would be very difficult for me to accept enrollment to Western, as my family is suffering financially. With the help of this scholarship I have been able to accept enrollment into the honors program and the math/computer science scholars program; I couldn't be more excited.

My hobbies include art (mostly sketches), drama, writing, skiing, reading, watching funny videos and playing games like Mindcraft.

When I was 14, I won an international science scholarship to study for the summer in England at Cambridge University. I took Molecular Biology and Creative Writing and had the time of my life. I learned independence and adaptability, and most of all that I can't compromise my belief system. I'm a vegetarian and I realized quite quickly that molecular biology wasn't going to be my future calling (though I love science and it fascinates me.) They had us come up with mock scenarios on how to modify animals to make them re-grow their limbs for humans to eat. It made me realize that math and computer science was a better fit, and that I will always love the arts. One of my goals is to become a published author one day.




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