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Fiona Kinsella

Major - Behavioral Neuroscience
Hometown - Hinkley, IL

“With mounting medical costs, my father's disability status and my mother's employment as social worker, this scholarship is allowing me to attend univeristy right away instead of a community college – for which I am eternally grateful.”

To begin, when I was in fourth grade my father was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis that transformed otherwise healthy lung tissue into dead scar tissue. At the time we were living in Hinckley, Illinois, but because of this diagnosis we were forced to move to a place where we could receive a better chance of my father surviving. This ended up being Redmond, Washington. We moved there with the hopes that with the help of University of Washington Medical Center my father could receive a double lung transplant and live even just a few more months. On April 9th of that year my father received his double lung transplant from a woman in Wyoming who had died of a fatal brain aneurysm. My father spent 22 days in the hospital and as I did not want to leave him (and the fact that I failed to bring my cellphone charger) I had no contact with my friends or family. I then realized that this may be a common problem for families of transplants/families experiencing emergencies.

This scholarship has given me the chance to go to college. With all the mounting medical bills from my father, myself, and my sister, college has been a dream that was never a for sure reality. WIth this gift, I will be able to attend WWU for my freshman year. Hopefully next year I will be able to return in order to finish my education :).

I study a lot, but I love to read and study case files through the King County Library System and the Seattle Public Library. In addition, I love to ride horses, dance, play badminton, listen to old music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s (on vinyl of course).

I have big plans for myself and with determination I know I can get there. One more thing that I would like to share is that my dream is to become a forensic psychiatrist which would include going through medical school and a lot more training before I actually start working. So I would like to say, thank you for your contribution towards my future.




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