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Hung Le

Major - Accounting & Economics
Hometown - Kent, WA

“My involvment in my community and my role as student body Vice President for Business and Operations has been much more rewarding than any 4.0.”

Prior to my junior year at Western, I was not involved in any activities outside of schoolwork. I was challenged that fall quarter by my accounting professor, Dr. Stephen Senge, to do more with my time here at Western. It made me realize that I wasted my potential by limiting myself to just school. His class inspired me to start my major path of Accounting & Economics. More importantly, he helped me realize that I can make a difference on this campus. Later that year, I ran for office to become the Associated Students Vice President For Business & Operations. Through my first year as VP, I have learned so much about what it means to be a leader and a good employee. I've gone through a lot of struggles and growing pains that have made me a better person. I decided to apply for this scholarship because I believe my work this past year has exemplified my leadership abilities. I was recently re-elected to a 2nd term. I hope to continue to grow as I challenge myself in new ways.

This scholarship has helped to validate me. I have always believed that I could do great things if given the opportunity. Prior to my election as AS VP for Business & Operations, I never had the will to take advantages of those opportunities. I have worked so hard this past year to innovate new ideas and bring my business knowledge to the Associated Students. This scholarship is proof that my work is appreciated and respected. From a monetary perspective, this award will allow me to work less hours at my 2nd job. It allows me to buy textbooks that I would normally not buy due to financial constraints. In short, this scholarship allows me to focus on being a student.

When I'm not studying I usually am working for the Associated Students. In my free time, I enjoy riding my motorcycle. My summer is filled with long rides down Chuckanut. I am a big fan of NFL football; I spend most of my Sundays watching games. One of my passions is playing fantasy football with my friends. During the school year, my most anticipated weekly activity is playing intramural dodge ball.

I'd like to give acknowledgement to two people. Dr. Stephen Senge is the professor who inspired me to be a student of the College of Business & Economics. He motivated me to do more with my time here at Western. The other is Kevin Majkut, Student Activities Director, and my adviser at the Associated Students. His advisement this past year has helped me numerous times. He is always receptive to my ideas and lends an open ear whenever I need it.




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