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Rainer Luhrs

Major - Environmental Science and Chemistry
Hometown - Richland, WA

“This culture is fueled by diversity, acceptance, and academics—all walks of life are welcome, all thoughts can be heard and all can receive excellent education.”

I have been struggling financially since my father died when I was 13. Thereafter, I put all of my energy and focus on school. Because my single mother cannot support my higher education, scholarships like this are critical for my success and continuation of school.

It has greatly lessened the burden of paying for school. I cannot stress enough how much relief this scholarship has given me in regards to paying for school. Now instead of stressing of how to pay for school, I can put my attention elsewhere, on my studies.

I enjoy skiing and hiking! On occassion, I love to travel and see the world.

Recieving this scholarship has shown me that other people truely do care about strangers and that there is a real bond between us all. I hope one day I can be as generous as those who have been generous to me.




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