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Talicia Miller-Poole

Major - Special Education Dual Endorsement
Hometown - Pateros, WA

“I am not just a student at Western, but I am also a member of the Colville Confederate Tribes.  When I receive scholarships like this one I am not only working hard to honor donors like you, but also represent my tribe in a positive way.”

In the fall I will be starting my third year here at Western. What really drew me to Western was my first tour here in the October of my senior year in high school. I had visited tons of other colleges with my class on field trips, but this was one of the first that I chose to go to and learn more about. Once I saw the campus and met some of the people I fell in love with the area. I remember being overwhelmed with joy because I had found my home for the next four years. Each quarter I find more and more reasons to love it here. After spending a year in the Special Education Dual Endorsement Program, I can think of hundreds of ways that Western and my fellow students have positively and profoundly changed my life. I am so excited for the degree that I am getting here and how I will be about to make a difference in the world because of it.

I have been so honored to receive this scholarship all three years I have applied. Each scholarship I get is so meaningful to me because it is another group of strangers who believe enough in me as a student and human being to invest in me. I don't take these investments lightly. I work my hardest in class because I know that the scholarships I receive are the reasons I am here. With this scholarship I am able to focus on my schooling 100 percent of my time. But even more importantly, it has inspired me to be supportive of the next generation of college students once I am out of Western. Investing in someone's education is investing in a better future and I am so grateful that someone has believed in me and my story.

I love to travel. I have grown up in a traveling family and love to explore new places. I love seeing new places and meeting new people who are different than me. I am going to Europe this summer and I can't wait to see the other places I travel in my future.

As a Special Education major I have learned so much about the current flaws in our schooling system as well as our society. I hope to challenge people to look at individuals as individuals rather than just a disability. I understand that this is a huge shift in thinking but I have gone through it and can say that seeing all people in this way is one of the most positive outlooks on life. I am amazed at the transformation that has taken place since my start of Western and Woodring, and I can't wait to see how much more I change in my remaining two years here.




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