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Jasmine Moffatt

Major - Marketing & Management
Hometown - Bellingham, WA

“I have been supporting myself and putting myself through school since attending WWU, working two jobs while attending full time. Being awarded such a generous scholarship will make my financial burdens approachable and continuation of my education possible.”

I have come from an untraditional background that caused me to become my own leader; my experiences, hard work, and determination have allowed me to relentlessly pursue opportunities, including this scholarship.

This scholarship has impacted my life significantly, allowing me to continue to pursue my dreams without sacrificing the quality of my goals. This scholarship has reminded me to continue to do my best, and to always act as a leader, either through example or guidance.

When I am not studying or working, I like to spend time outdoors and volunteering. I am currently involved with the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 31 in Bellingham, WA, and have just recently hiked the Oyster Dome for my first time.

At my time at WWU, the most important thing that I have learned is that we all have a choice. I have chosen to change my future regardless of my past. I have come from poverty, homelessness, and a past riddled with parents and family members who have struggled with addictions. I have made a choice to change my future by taking action now, to be all I can be, and to do it with modesty and humility.




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