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Heidi Nybroten

Major - Spanish; Law, Diversity, Justice
Hometown - White Salmon, WA

“It is a privilige to be recognized by the professionals who graduated from a univeristy I am grateful to attend.”

I was raised in White Salmon, Washington and graduated from Columbia High School in 2011. My parents divorced when I was young so I learned independence at an early age. I became driven in school and my education turned into high priority in my life. Throughout high school, I played sports and participated in several clubs as well as maintained my high grades. These activities taught me values such as leadership and motivation that I have carried with me into my first few years at Western. The gorgeous campus and top programs drew me to Western, but higher education is costly for anyone and applying for scholarships has always been a necessity.

This scholarship has greatly impacted my life for three years now. My parents’ divorce caused financial stress on my family because we have had to maintain two households. Additionally, I now have a little sister who also influences our financial situation. Regardless of income, higher education is a big expense for any student and this scholarship has helped lowered stress for my family and I in regards to my financial aid and workload. I am grateful for this because now I can focus on the academic challenges in front of me and work toward the goals I am setting for myself.

When I am not studying, I am usually outdoors on nice days. Playing sports, working out, hiking, swimming or snowboarding and taking photographs are some of the ways I love to spend my time outside. When the outdoors are not so inviting, I love to spend my time watching and learning about the production of movies. Filmmaking has always peaked my interest and I especially love when I get to combine my interests and film some of my friends and I when we are hanging outside.

Last spring quarter I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study abroad in the Dominican Republic for seven weeks. This was one of the best experiences of my life because I met amazing people and was able to completely immerse myself in a new culture and a language that I have been studying in the classroom for several years. My time in that country gave me a chance to learn not only from the language and culture classes, but also from firsthand experiences with the people who grew up in that culture and their way of life. This experience has transformed the way I think about my life and others and has propelled many goals I have set for myself higher and farther.




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