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Mallorie Powell

Major - Biology
Hometown - Chewelah, WA

“I have a great love for animals and hope to save the lives of many pets and livestock in need.”

Since a very young age, I have been a perfectionist in everything I do. This led to the desire to maintain high grades throughout high school, while also taking every advanced class offered at my high school. I have always set high goals for myself not only academically, but in extra curricular activities also. The main motivation behind my strong work ethic was my dream of attending a four-year university. Due to the fact that my mom was a divorced woman suffering from multiple sclerosis, I knew that in order to fulfill my dream of attending college, I must work extremely hard to fund my education. My senior year, I spent practically every night working on essays for scholarships. To my advantage, I was able to receive enough financial support to attend college!

Receiving this scholarship has given me a great amount of hope. I knew that having the opportunity to attend college would be a struggle for me because of financial reasons. Thanks to the many generous donors, I am able to fulfill my dream of earning a higher education. Being chosen as one of the recipients of this scholarship has made me even more grateful for the kind individuals willing to sacrifice so that another can benefit; but it has also given me more motivation to do well in college. I know that without the scholarship and its donors, I would not be heading off to Western Washington University in a month, and I am forever thankful.

During my free time, I spend hours upon hours dancing at my local ballet studio. As a high level ballet dancer, I get the opportunity to take several advanced ballet classes a week, while also learning new forms of dance such as modern and jazz. I have grown a tremendous amount of passion for all forms of dance, as it is the best way I can express my emotions without speaking a word. When I am not at the studio dancing, I am training at my local taekwondo school. After three years of rigorous training, I have accomplished the rank of first degree decided black belt and have tested to become a certified instructor. Not only has participating in taekwondo given me self defense skills, but it also has given me a passion for martial arts.

During my junior year, I had the opportunity to participate in our local Distinguished Young Woman program. Much to my surprise, I was chosen as the Distinguished Young Woman of Chewelah and got to advance to the state program. While participating in this program, I became a much more confident young woman. I also learned many leadership skills that still benefit me today. This program taught me to "be distinguished" in every thing I do; to be studious, be healthy, be confident and to be myself. I feel very passionate about spreading the word of the qualities this program encourages women to have and live by. Thanks to this program, I am able to walk into any situation with an energetic attitude, high self confidence and the motivation to succeed. I have not only grown as a person, but have learned many important qualities that will help me achieve anything I set my mind to. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this program.




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