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Renee Tryon

Major - Biology Anthropology
Hometown - Seattle, WA

“I will now be able to dedicate the hours of studying necessary for my classes and increase my probability of helping underprivileged populations both in the United States and Latin America”

I am a Biology major interested in a career in healthcare. My interest in becoming a nurse practitioner has driven me to become involved in shadowing several practicing physicians and nurse practitioners. I am currently interested in pediatrics or family medicine. After finishing my undergraduate degree in the spring, I plan to enroll in a certified nursing assistant program. Completing a certified nursing assistant program will provide me with a chance to practice both the technical and communicative skills needed for an entry level healthcare position. After working as a certified nursing assistant, I hope to carry over the skills I have developed to a medical volunteer position in South America. I plan to volunteer and travel for a few years before returning to apply for a nurse practitioner graduate program.

I am now entering my final undergraduate year of schooling, however my academic and career interests require several additional years of schooling in the future. I have continuously struggled to support myself financially, excel in both academics and community involvement and increase my savings for additional schooling. Receiving this scholarship provided me a chance to decrease my time spent working and increase my time spent studying. I was able to dedicate the hours of study necessary for my classes and was able to succeed academically.

When not studying, I spend as much time outside as possible. In the summertime I mountaineer, hike, camp and backpack. For spring break last year my friends and I spent a week backpacking Southern Utah. As for indoor activities, I enjoy cooking and craft-making.

The winter of 2012, I spent a month volunteering in an Amazonian health clinic in Ecuador. There I worked alongside nurses prepping patients for their doctor consultations. Working alongside the nurses enhance my communication skills with the patients and opened my eyes to the importance of cross-cultural relationships. I struggled to communicate and understand my coworkers’ and patients’ way of life and language, while they were just as curious about mine. My experience in the clinic drove my interest in healthcare and has made me view life with an increased curiosity and an even more appreciative view of cultural differences.




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